Jungle Low is a company which was created in Aula de Teatre in Mataró. Most of its members have been students and teachers, and currently they still collaborate. Our company was founded after participating in the project Don Quixot: Fantasia Simfònica.

Afterwards, we did research on the making of expressive masks. We wanted to start from scratch with a strong will to develop a long-term project.


We have spent a year making the masks and defining their movements. To do so, we were inspired by public life characters whose personalities would express a wide range of various feelings. These characters have quickly stood up in their own universe. Marriages of convenience, the elderly being abandoned, corrupt bankers, couples trapped in an unwilling coexistence,… people caught in their own trouble and suffering from a lack of interest. This is what Gàbia is about, a “human jungle” with no wishes.


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